Red Bull

For those may not know, Red Bull has this amazing mission "to give wings to people and ideas".  If you go onto Red Bull's social media, you see videos of action athletes jumping off cliffs, riding the waves, and skiing down steep slopes.  Red Bull is all about inspiring people to reach their full potential, and they've recently turned their attention to not just athletes but also social entrepreneurs and artists.  


Red Bull Amaphiko Academy (Aug 2017-Present)

I was selected as 1 of 15 emerging social entrepreneurs from hundreds of applicants nationwide for the 1st US Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, a launch pad for grassroots social entrepreneurs who are making a positive difference in their community.  It's been an inspiring journey, meeting and learning from so many talented changemakers.  


Red Bull “Glimpses” (9.7.2018)

When I was a kid, there were 3 things I said I would never do: 1. Become an entrepreneur 2. Lead a team 3. Speak in public. Strangely, I do all three now... Thank you Red Bull for inviting me to present at Glimpses - a one-day meetup bringing together "world-class talent from all areas of life to illuminate our understanding of human potential". It was an honor to perform then speak on turning your passions into purpose and practicing #infiniteinclusion. Thank you always to Piotr Iwanicki for making me look good on the dance floor, and so honored to have shared the stage with some super inspiring souls: Diana Nyad, Rebecca Rusch, Patty Brandmeier, Yves Burgquest, Alyce Stevens Rohrer, MJ Hegar, Dr Christine Trankiem, Audrey Buchanan - And special thank you to Jenny Milnes and Andy Walshe for putting the pieces together. (9.7.2018)


Red Bull Amaphiko Video Collab (Released 10.8.2018)

I had the opportunity to work on a special video feature directly with the Red Bull's international advertising team, and through this collaboration got to work with celebrated choreographer Phillip Chbeeb and his assistant Makenzie Dustman, both phenomenal dancers and finalists of So You Think You Can Dance.  It was a beautiful collaboration between myself, my dancers, Phillip, our kick ass DP Ryan Fleming, and the Red Bull marketing team. 


Red Bull Amaphiko Connect (12.1.2018)

Red Bull Amaphiko CONNECT was a daylong boot camp for women-identified and TGNC grassroots change-makers, social entrepreneurs, and creatives in Los Angeles. The day featured interactive workshops, conversations with leading change-makers, shared meals, and cultural experiences designed to sharpen the entrepreneur’s toolbox and provide wellsprings of inspiration for the people driving positive change in their communities and the world at large. I was brought in as a Red Bull Amaphiko Fellow to lead a movement workshop to 70 entrepreneurs. It was lit!

Red Bull Distribution Company End of the Year Summit (12.12.2018)

We were invited to perform and speak at the Red Bull Distribution Company’s End of the Year Summit. It was inspiring to meeting so many RBDC General Managers and leaders passionate about their job, their employees, and the Red Bull brand. Honored to have had the opportunity to share my story of overcoming challenges and embracing a purpose that is bigger than yourself.