#movethedial Summit

Thank you Jodi Kovitz for having us as guest performers at your first #movethedial Summit in Toronto, Canada. Wow what an amazing event to be part of #movethedial is a global movement dedicated to promoting the participation and leadership of all women and non-gender conforming individuals. Jodi truly killed this event! And it was truly inspiring to hear and meet many powerhouse women in one day. I am not a tech specialist but it was technology that has made so many things happen including finding Infinite Flow. And let’s remember I was a science nerd at one point in my life winning the California State Science Fair while in high school and being part of a biomechanics lab while in college. Science and tech are just a natural part of our lives, not this complicated thing. Cheers to all the women out there making change and breaking the stereotype. - Nov 2018.

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Los Angeles Business Journal “Women Making a Difference”