#InfiniteInclusion Leads to Infinite Possibilities

Inspiring INCLUSION KEYNOTES & PERFORMANCES to help your corporation choreograph a collaborative culture leading to breakthrough innovations and profitable activities.

How does inclusion drive innovation & profitability?

Inclusion is not only a checkbox for the HR department, but a mindset of belonging and a culture of connection and collaboration.  When you develop an inclusive culture where each person is valued and each person’s talents and skills are maximized, this leads to infinite growth and possibilities.

Why Inclusion?

  • Inclusion in the work place improves productivity, creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems.

  • Belonging leads to more confidence and better self-esteem.

  • Inclusive societies leads to less poverty and more economic growth.

Not Your Average Keynote

After being diagnosed with spinal cord infarction in 2006, also known as spinal stroke, I was told by the doctor that I may NEVER be able to walk or dance again. Little did I know, this horrific incident was going to inspire me to do something bigger than me and bigger than I could have ever imagined!

In 2015, I founded Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company with a mission to not only make dance accessible to people of all abilities, but to also use dance as vehicle to inspire inclusivity.    Dance is a universal language, and when you are dancing with someone you see beyond race, color, size, age, gender, ability, and disability.  

But, as I built Infinite Flow, I learned that inclusion is more than about eliminating labels and bias, but a mindset of belonging and a culture of connection and collaboration.  In an inclusive culture, each person is valued, each person’s talents and skills are maximized, and connecting and collaborating is encouraged and made simple.  This ultimately leads to infinite growth and infinite possibilities.

#InfiniteInclusion Keynote Package Includes

  • Keynote: An unforgettable speech uncovering the choreography to a more collaborative, innovative, and profitable corporate culture.

  • Performance: An inspiring dance performance that disables bias and enables inclusion.

  • Workshops/Breakout Sessions: 1) An interactive dance session with audience interaction 2) HUMANITY: Accessibility & Inclusion Simplified

* A la carte available.

Keynote Takeaways

  • Clarity on the significance and relevancy of inclusion.

  • Understanding how inclusion and collaboration leads to innovation.

  • The 3 steps to choreographing a culture of #InfiniteInclusion.

  • Understanding the power of authenticity in building valuable connections and relationships.

  • Connect your personal authentic story to a brand's identity and values.

Why Marisa

Dance artist, stroke survivor, inclusion keynote speaker, and Founder of Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company, Marisa Hamamoto leads a global movement for #InfiniteInclusion.  After 20 years of dancing ballet and contemporary dance in both the US and Japan, Marisa discovered & fell in love with ballroom dancing while recovering from spinal cord infarction, a rare stroke which caused her to be temporarily paralyzed from the neck down while in college. In 2015, Marisa founded Infinite Flow, a professional inclusive dance company and nonprofit with a mission to make dance accessible to all and use dance to inspire inclusivity.  Marisa has organized 200+ inclusive dance classes, and has brought Infinite Flow’s professional dancers with and without disabilities to perform at 100+ events, from school assemblies to corporate events with Apple, Red Bull, Porsche, Kaiser Permanente, and others.  Infinite Flow’s videos have been viewed by 50+ Million people and she has been featured in 100+ media outlets including NBC Today, Good Morning America, Refinery 29, and others. Marisa and wheelchair ballroom world champion Piotr Iwanicki made history by  being the first dancers to perform at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater with CEO Tim Cook in the audience, and Sheryl Sandberg, George Takei, and other influencers have endorsed her work as well.  As a social entrepreneur and thought leader she is a Fellow with Red Bull Amaphiko, Facebook Community Leadership Program, and Social Venture Partners Los Angeles.  Marisa is a leader, artist, and speaker on the rise looking to empower people through dance and storytelling to disable bias, encourage others to get out of their comfort zone, build new connections, and create breakthrough innovations.



“Marisa Hamamoto and Piotr Iwanicki, two dance partners – and dance heroes…  I’m grateful to Marisa and Piotr for breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, and proving that everyone deserves the chance to do what they love.” - Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook. Founder, Lean In & Option B.

"Unbelievable!" - Tim Cook, CEO Apple.

“Marisa has an unquenchable energy & passion for her community and dance to fulfill her purpose" - Red Bull

"Inclusion at its finest." - Kaiser Permanente

"Fearless Disruptor." - Porsche