Refinery 29

29 Rooms Los Angeles (December 2018)

29 Rooms is “AN UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY THROUGH 29 INTERACTIVE ARTIST-MADE SPACES” bringing the awesome women’s publication Refinery 29 to life. Honored to have had Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company be the grand finale performance at 29 Rooms for all 4 nights at Party After Dark. Thank you to Refinery 29 for continually believing in us and giving me an opportunity for further collaboration. And finally got to produce a girlpower routine with a bad-ass girlgang!

Refinery 29 Video Feature (April 2016)

Thank you Refinery 29 for producing this beautiful video on Infinite Flow.  To see the full article, click HERE.  Special Thank you to Annie Georgia Greenberg and Jack Pearce for your phenomenal work as storytellers and content creators.