Featured in "Live Your Dance" Podcast

Thank you to life coach, author, and dancer Molly King for featuring me on the Live Your DancePodcast.  It's an hour long interview about my story from Rejection to Paralysis, Professional Dancer to founding Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company.  

Listen to the Podcast here:

Live Your Dance Episode #16: How to Beat All the Odds and Keep Dancing, with Marisa Hamamoto

"In this episode of Live Your Dance, after being rejected as a ballerina, becoming paralyzed in the middle of a contemporary dance class, and now being back on her feet dancing professionally as a ballroom dancer, Marisa Hamamoto has seen a lot in her lifetime. She’s now dedicated to giving back, and has founded America’s first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company, Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company, for that specific purpose. In our episode together, we dive into the struggles she faced along her path to becoming a professional dancer, and what it took from her to maintain a positive outlook, even when she was paralyzed from the neck down and told she may never walk again. And while it still took her 3-4 years to recover psychologically, spiritually, and socially from the trauma and paralysis (PTSD), she was victorious and is using her experience to help others today."

Sascha Cajandig